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“The service far exceeded our expectations. Your Holder machine proved itself the way it handled the “Storm of the Century” and everything else that was thrown at it this year, and with no damage to the driveways.”

Bill and Helen
Ski Slope Way, Tahoe Donner



Customer Testimonials

We really value your real-time emails letting us know what the conditions are “on the ground.”  It really helps us plan our trips to the mountains.  And we appreciate your effort to meet our needs based on our schedule and the timing of the snowfall. 
Karen and Larry, Upper Skislope

Thanks for doing such good work this season. Never had a day we didn't get out easy and didn't miss a minute of the considerable powder we received this winter.
Lanny, Upper Skislope

Derek has been very responsive to the needs of people living on top of the mountain. As an extra bonus, his frequent weather updates have proven to be invaluable. It allowed us to plan our days based on his predictions for our area. The few times that we got stuck, Larson was there right away to help. I highly recommend them.
Woutje, Upper Skislope

Derek gives a whole new meaning to the word service. He’s always there on a timely basis and whenever we need to get out early all it takes is a phone call and he’s there! His excellent communication not only provides accurate weather reports but includes an update of his plowing schedule. Thanks, Derek for the incredible service.
Karen & Dave, Upper Skislope

Thank you for another great year of service. Your communication is wonderful and we really appreciate your responsiveness and hard work.
Deborah, Upper Skislope

Our entire association has been so pleased with Larson Maintenance’s personalized service and reliability!  The email weather updates have been a huge help to us all, and we have never had a problem with driveways not being cleared.  It’s nice to have someone you trust taking care of your home.
Jill, Skislope Way Condo Association President

Derek, Just wanted to let you know that I have lived up here for 35 years and you have the best snow removal company I have ever dealt with.  The service is the best, the communication is unbelievable, and the price is very fair.  We are extremely pleased with the whole package. Thanks again Derek.
Pete and Amanda, Bear Meadows Ct.

Dear Derek, Thank you for providing such great service at such a fair price.  Our son needs to leave by 5:30 AM on snow days and you were always there to get him out, even helping shovel him out when he got stuck before you arrived! We also really appreciate your frequent email updates and that you are easily reached if we are need of assistance.  We look forward to contracting with you next year.
Deborah and David, Upper Skislope

Derek and Family, Thank you for saving our lives and giving us our freedom back this winter.  Your service has been OUTSTANDING, far better than we could have imagined.  In a world where service has “gone to pot”—you are a shining star.
Tattie and Dave, Upper Skislope

Larson surpassed by a far margin any and all expectations I had when I signed up for their service.  They performed in a heretofore not experienced timely and professional manner.  Consistently right after the road was cleared by the City, and sometimes even before, Derek showed up and cleared our driveway. He came back whenever needed to clear the berm made by the city plow.  He informed us with e-mails about upcoming weather and projected plowing times.  He was super responsive to our individual needs to get in or out at certain times and never let us down.  What more can I expect?  I didn’t know that such a perfect service was even possible!  And, to top everything, this was experienced in likely the most severe winter of record in decades! Thank you for a job superbly done!
Klaus, Upper Skislope

Rod and I have been extremely happy with our snow removal with Larson Maintenance.  He is always available by phone to come and assist your immediate needs like the removal of a berm or plowing the driveway because you need to get out immediately. He also sends updated emails with each impending storm and during the storm in order to keep you abreast of his progress and intentions.  We are absolutely spoiled with Derek Larson!! 
Jan, Upper Skislope

Larson Maintenance has provided superior customer service throughout the winter of 2007/08.  Most notably, Derek is a great communicator.  He reliably emails us to give us up to the minute plowing updates.  Derek has also been very responsive throughout some of this winter’s most vigorous storms.  I ‘texted’ him several times this winter to tell him about the berm from the city plow and he always came by to help us get out of our driveway.  He was a savior during these monstrous storms.  I will definitely hire Larson Maintenance for my snow removal needs next winter.
Nils, Skislope Way

Thank you for your efforts with the driveway snowplow service this year.  The service far exceeded our expectations. Your Holder machine proved itself the way it handled the “Storm of the Century” and everything else that was thrown at it this year.  We especially appreciate your extra efforts of clearing berms, picking my papers up that were delivered despite my stopping the service while I was on vacation, and heeding my call for help and pulling us out of a snow bank when we got stuck. It is a major benefit having a good neighbor as our provider who understands the snow conditions on Skislope.  Your communications by E-mail every time there was a chance of a storm and your website with camcorder was greatly appreciated especially when we were on vacation or on a day trip to Reno and didn’t know whether we could get home.  Thanks again for the exceptional service and please sign us up again for next year.
Bill and Helen, The "top" of Skislope Way

This was Derek’s first year with a snow clearing company and I was one of his first customers.  At first I was a bit suspect as to whether the smaller machines would be able to handle my driveway, but with in the first few snow storms, my worries were quickly put to rest. I have possibly the steepest driveway with some of the heaviest snow loading and drifting, in all of Tahoe Donner and Derek was able to clear it no problem. Derek was fast and efficient, and was quick to respond to calls, if I needed any additional clearing. In addition Derek was able to save me a substantial amount of $$. I highly recommend choosing Larson Maintenance for all your snow clearing needs.
Soren, Upper Ski Slope


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